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Sunday, August 8, 2010

this blog is for the birds

I have always wanted to turn an old lamp into a bird feeder. So here was my chance....Earlier this summer (probably June) I scored a set of china from Laramie Freecycle. We have plenty of dishes, and I figured these would be great for the big mosaic project I have going on in my head.
The lamp came from a first come first serve freecycle last week. Who knew that these 2 things were meant to be together!
First, I had to take the electric out of the lamp, glue parts together, etc. I did not get a before pic, but here is the glue drying on part of the lamp and the bowl.

Then here is the final project. Its been 3 days and its still standing. I think I forgot to tell you that lots of the stuff I make breaks.

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