where junk meets terrific...sometimes

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I love my sister

My sister Tanya is always supportive of my creative endeavors. So when she heard of my Junk-a-rific idea she went crazy. She found tons of free stuff on Craig's list and tons of freecycle stuff. She is a superstar! So I took some of the things that she gave me and created last weekend....

So, we think the green dome shaped thing was once a lid to a thermos? I put a foam ball in it and some sunflowers and happened to have a clip (given to me by somebody last school year) and put those together to make a desk top picture holder! That is my sis when she was in jr high a few years ago!

Then I took the old tool box and some flowers and some spanish moss and put those together with some hot glue and made a cute thing. It's now on my front door.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

challenge update

this blog is for the birds

I have always wanted to turn an old lamp into a bird feeder. So here was my chance....Earlier this summer (probably June) I scored a set of china from Laramie Freecycle. We have plenty of dishes, and I figured these would be great for the big mosaic project I have going on in my head.
The lamp came from a first come first serve freecycle last week. Who knew that these 2 things were meant to be together!
First, I had to take the electric out of the lamp, glue parts together, etc. I did not get a before pic, but here is the glue drying on part of the lamp and the bowl.

Then here is the final project. Its been 3 days and its still standing. I think I forgot to tell you that lots of the stuff I make breaks.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A warm welcome....

Welcome to my newest blog. In this blog I will be taking every day, ordinary junk and turning it into something terrific! The transformations will amaze and hopefully inspire you. It is highly likely that this blog will change your life.

"Hold on, " you may be telling yourself, "this is nothing new, I see this kind of stuff every day all over blog land." Yes. Yes you do. But you have never seen ME do this. No. No you have not.

And here is the biggest catch of all....all the junk I transform will be items either free, found or gifted to me! Now that adds a whole new dimension of excitement, right? I thought so! I have a talent for attracting junk (the only exception is my husband of 11 years, he is a treasure). So sit back and enjoy... and now say to yourself, "that's junk! That's terrific! That's Junk-a-rific!!"

To get us warmed up, here is something I have done in the past....

Tuna cans into elegant mood candles....

Now who would take an old tuna can, attach nuts and bolts, rust it out in an old kitty litter bucket, then pour wax into it and give it as a gift. Yeah, that is me, and that is what this is all about. IT'S JUNK-A-RIFIC!

Since it is yard sale season, I will be stocking up on items to Junk-a-rific-fy. And already have a stash that will keep me through winter....I am going yard sale-ing Saturday, so look forward to perhaps my biggest challenge yet....I am challenging myself to find 3 free items, at 3 different sales and combine them to make something beautiful and new! and maybe even useful!